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éemi a Recipe for Engaging Multilingual Francofun

It was truly, greatly and much anticipated of an experience that led to being overjoyed by the absolutely stunning smooth and soulful sounds of songs from Eemi solo project simply titled éemi. She played all the favorites and mentioned the collaboration with Marie Clo aka Beau Nectar. Which is a very lovely synth-freco-popo-core. As for the set itself, one would describe it as absolutely adorably intimate and interactive and cozy. The highly melodic tones are smooth, crisp clear and with subtle notes of earth rich and floral elements. Plants nectar come to light. Eemi definitely has become very versatile and is able to be fully fluent in English and French. The vivid imagery that appears in the songs really aids in the storytelling in multilingual yet universally captivating.

Also of note, accompanying Eemi was a talented drummer. Jordan Perry, does some solo stuff, works with Farideh and is part of the house band at Capitol open mic. The intimate set occurred at the very in vogue local brewery, 9 Mile Legacy. As a first timer to the brewery thoughts of togetherness, collaboration and innovation. 9 Mile can perhaps dare I say hipstery and half way between a secret that only the cool know of and a familiar place of yore.

One thing is for sure éemi is definitely one to watch and listen to in the present and in the future.

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