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A Letter from the editor - January 2021

I'll just start this off by saying I had no intention of making this as HUGE of an edition as it ended up being. In the year and change that we have been a publication we've gotten to know a lot of really great Saskatchewan artists. The intent of having awards of our own was to showcase the many artists, industry people and even venues that have worked closely with us in 2021 to bring our pages to life. We also wanted to award some of the writers and photographers within our own camp. So we've republished a few of our favourite pieces and also some of our favourite photos. In short, we ended up trying to be as inclusive as possible with who we gave awards to.

There were no trophies or attache cases full of small unmarked bills... These awards are a pat on the back to the good folks who have been such a big part of our lives this past year. I hope you enjoy and agree with our selections. The winners were chosen based on deliberations amongst our staff and now we bring the result of those deliberations to you. Enjoy!

-Scott Roos

(NSMZ Managing Editor)

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