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Bloom: 10 Years Plus in the Making

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

By Andreea Moore

Bloom, is the first official full length record from the brilliantly talented, highly grounded and innovative soundscape of Andrea An.  

The record features superb songwriting skills and super smooth vocals backed with a crossover country to pop vocal. An’s take on this soundscape is rooted in cultural heritage, family and empowerment of oneself and one's greater community. With luxurious vocals and smooth soothing melodies, this record genuinely captures moments of great joy and contrasts that joy with deep sorrow.

There are two very amazing singles off the record and with multiple lingual versions of the heartfelt “Never Say Goodbye” it adds to the heightened importance of preserving cultural heritages and keeping language alive. Along with the standard english version there is a Vietnamese and Korean language version, and the emphasis on diversity and remaining genuine and complementary to her roots the music video for the track featured all non white casting. This further shows An’s commitment to showcasing her cultural heritage and the role of diversity representation in the Saskmusic soundscape and beyond. The visuals show the importance of family and community.

The idea of “Bloom” has definitely been encompassed in this work and Andrea An has definitely bloomed as an artist, a creator and as a person. The development is very clear and An is an artist that is definitely one to watch either through her regular streamed sessions or her in person shows. For sure an artist that is making waves and definitely worth all the adoration, support and above all worth every bit of awarding via the 2021 SOCAN/TD Bank Incubator Entrepreneurship Program.

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