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Everybody's Side Project: 20 Years in the Making

Everybodies side project is a one man band project by Daryl Uhrin, who can trace his musical roots to the Ontario pop punk, shitty punk and emocore music scenes from the early 2000’s.

The recent appetite for nostalgia of emocore and the haircut that goes along with those times. This record, “After Thought” is a look back at those times with an older wiser and more of a hindsight view.The sounds on “Afterthought” were created in Uhrin’s home studio and really that is what the era of Emocore Shitty punk was all about. The DIY movement and approach to literally everything that was cool about those times. DIY haircuts that took place in the dark, music creation for the first time being accessible to many bands and of course the Skate scene and the diverse soundscape.

This is a record for outsiders who grew up disenfranchised by the mainstream society adults who are now living with memories of the days where having bangs that covered one third of the face was the norm and how fancy your flat iron was defined how cool you were.

The Record officially launches on October 13th which also happens to be Friday the thirteenth. The single “Stink Piss” off the record really cements the sound and highlights the clever and referential writing style of Uhirn’s works. All in all this record is a nostalgia gate and a reminder of the early 2000’s. This was the time period of a lot of technological and cultural shifts. There was the birth of the social networking sites, introduction of the ipod and the eventual release of the smartphone. This work is a reflection on that shift in the collective consciousness.

Schnitzel and Ginny

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