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Girls Rock Camp: Transforming the World, One Note at a Time

Article and Photos by Melanie Macpherson

Saturday, August 19th, The Broadway Theater overflowed with a harmonious exhibition of creativity and empowerment. This annual event marked the culmination of a week-long summer program dedicated to fostering musical talent, camaraderie, and social change among young individuals.

For those unfamiliar with the Girls Rock Camp, it's much more than just a music camp; it's a movement. The campers, aged 8 to 14, embark on an immersive journey of creativity, collaboration, and self-discovery. Throughout the week, they dive headfirst into workshops, learning to play instruments, forming bands, and crafting original songs.

But it's not all about the music. The camp also delves into a range of workshops that extend beyond the world of notes and techniques. Campers are exposed to creative outlets like songwriting, silk screening t-shirts, zine-making, and identity exploration. Furthermore, the program extends its embrace to self-defense workshops, promoting both physical and emotional empowerment. These holistic offerings nurture creativity and confidence, fostering a well-rounded sense of self in the campers. The Girls Rock Camp offers a unique platform for participants to fight sexism and gender discrimination through the transformative medium of music.

This year was my first time attending the Showcase, and the highlight for me was the transformation in each participant as their songs finished. Each time, as the audience erupted in cheers and applause, the intense looks of concentration and nervousness shattered into expressions of relief, excitement and pride. The event brought together so many community organizations and volunteers, all to make this opportunity possible, and joy and pride in that theater were palpable. And as the final song resonated through the theater, it carried with it a resounding message: when voices unite through music, they can transform the world, one note at a time.

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