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Greg Orrē's "Middle Child" A Playfully Dark Look at Self Reflection

Article by Melanie Macpherson

Photos by Kristen Boyé (Screenshots from video)

Saskatoon’s very own creative chameleon, Greg Orrē (pronounced "greg-ory"), is back and this time he's solo! Known best as the former lead singer and keyboardist of Too Soon Monsoon, Orrē is carving out his solo path with the release of a new music video, "Middle Child," and a forthcoming album. Get ready to dive into his playful yet profound world of music and art.

Greg Orrē’s latest music video, "Middle Child," is a quirky yet raw exploration of the long term consequences of being overlooked as a child. The video kicks off in a modest bathroom with Orrē strumming his guitar, only for a string to snap unexpectedly. This minor mishap spirals into a two-minute whirlwind of self-discovery and transformation.

Orrē gazes into the mirror, fiddles with his hair, and even toys with the idea of shaving his head. But as the music wraps up, the real question lingers: did he actually shave his head or was it all in his mind? This ambiguity captures the essence of the middle child experience—caught between identities and expectations.

"‘Middle Child’ is a tongue-in-cheek song that explores the emotions of being a middle child," Orrē shares. "I wanted to visually capture the internal conflict and external pressures that come with it."

Filmed by his wife, Kristen Boyé, and edited by Orrē himself, the video is a delightful blend of introspective storytelling and quirky visuals. "Middle Child" is now available for streaming and download on all major platforms.

"I Am In It": An Artistic Odyssey

The "I Am In It" project is no ordinary album series. It's an artistic odyssey featuring three full-length albums, two poetry books, and video projects for each album. Orrē’s knack for weaving complex emotions into his music and visuals makes this a truly immersive experience.

Mark your calendars for June 20, 2024! Orrē’s second album in the series, "I Am In It, Vol 2," is dropping, and it promises to be a unique journey through themes of identity, memory, and our connections to the world. Following the success of his first solo album in 2020, this sequel dives deeper into his artistic soul.

To celebrate, Orrē is throwing an album release party at the Capitol Music Club on June 20. Joining him on stage will be special guests Saul the Singer and Eric Kane. Advance tickets are a steal at $15 on Showpass, and if you're a vinyl enthusiast, you can preorder the album on his website.

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