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“Nevermore, Nevermind" - The release that invents a genre

By Andreea Moore

“Nevermore, Nevermind” is an engagingly unique release by the collective fronted by “The Preacher Man” himself Darryl Dozlaw under the name “Bewildernest”. Genre wise the album is difficult to place but what is heard is possibly a tasty twist of alt rock/bluescore with a hint of electronica/folk. Mind you, not everything needs a distinct label to be enjoyed. As for a comparison that is another challenge, but with some danceable beats, soulful writing and highly collaborative nature of the record it brings a delicious melting pot of sound. Fans of alt/bluescore bands like Eels, Radiohead and Beck will find sonic familiarity. Bewildernest brings so many unique, elements together in perfect harmony. Every listen brings a new perspective. Dozlaw’s writing has a large cerebral element with cleverly placed references spanning the worlds of literature, pop culture and art. Listening is a kin to a scavenger hunt for the ears as well as the mind.

“The creative process carried out by My friend and most constant Bewildernest collaborator, Tim Bratton, typically lays down a bunch of guitar cranking and leaves me to use our sample or otherwise include whatever I like. It usually starts with a ragged description of a guitar sound or style and then he records stuff that sounds like that. However, for 'Ceremony of the Crow', I just asked him for the most nihilistic sounding guitar I've ever heard- he sent me two separate takes of the same basic idea played slightly differently. I used both of them, picking up one where the other one left off for that extended stoner rock jam at the end- I think it sounds like the chainsaw in Scarface!”, Explained Dozlaw. “I love inviting people to be part of a tune- typically I'll be thinking 'a ______ would sound wicked here... who do I know that plays one?' However, there are also these lovely conversations where you get talking with somebody somewhere whose music you find inspiring, and one of you says 'we should do something together...' and we actually make it happen!”

Nevermore,Nevermind was created with a number of influences ranging from Prince, Stevie Wonder, Edgar Winter or Trent Reznor. With this large scope of musical influence ranging from a greater scope of genres this lends to a varied and engaging experience. All in all a great record by a range of highly talented persons in the collective soundscape that is created within the complex and rich melodies.

you can listen by clicking HERE

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