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NSMZ exclusive: Wolf Willow release "Do Not Believe In Me" as lead off single to forthcoming fall full length

by Scott Roos

photos courtesy of Wolf Willow

In advance of a planned fall release of a brand new full length via Grey Records, Saskatchewan’s favourite, and probably only, Countrypolitan band Wolf Willow has released the lead off single “Do Not Believe In Me”. Picking up from where the band left off with their 2023 EP “Marv and Stoneface Sing”, “Do Not Believe In Me”, at least sonically, veers away from the more country and western side of the spectrum that Wolf Willow was known for in their earlier years and leans into a more rock orientated direction. Yes the “wall of sound” is still there. There's steel guitars, fiddles, the horn section and the same swagger, complemented by the mournful vocals of Stoneface Stanley, but much of the twang seems pushed to the back with a more “Wrecking Crew” (editor’s note: if you’ve never heard of the Wrecking crew look them up!) or “Motown” approach to the writing and arranging. It’s an up tempo, jivey, danceable little number that clocks in at just over the three minute mark, reminiscent of a dusty old thrift store 45 or something you’d find on an old eight track mixtape in a dusty cardboard box tucked away in your grandma's basement. In other words, like many things that Wolf Willow releases, this song is a hidden treasure, worthy of multiple listens. Hopefully as the band continues to build momentum with this new vibe they are laying down, more will discover what NSMZ already knows. Essentially, Wolf Willow is unlike anything else you’ll see or hear in this neck of the woods . The are enjoyable for their quirky, eccentric nature. Plus they play some damn good music.  

Recorded and mixed by Dana Rempel (Bears in Hazenmore, Megan Nash), the release of “Do Not Believe In Me” will kick off a series of planned spring shows. 

  • April 12 - Saskatoon, Amigos with The Denim Daddies

  • April 13 - Regina, The Cure with The Denim Daddies

  • May 17 - Medicine Hat, Casa Amigos

  • May 18 - Wayne, Last Chance Saloon

  • May 19, Palomino, Calgary

To listen to "Do Not Believe In Me" click HERE.

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This band is a prairie gem.

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