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“On A Completely Different Path”, Softlung Releases Debut Single

By Andreea Moore

"Worry" is the debut single from Softlung, the solo music project from Saskatoon musician SJ Kardash. "Worry" has a very well crafted soundscape that is reminiscent of mid nineties alt fill-in-the-blank-core with notes of jazz. This track is very reflective and introspective and a vast venture from previous work with Reignwolf. It's more mellow, and easy to listen to. The vocals are buttery smooth and show a large range, showing Kardash’s skills as a musician and as a recording engineer. The single marks a long awaited pursuit of Kardash’s songwriting. This is also the first single of the rumored full length release. "Worry" is definitely a taste of what's on the horizon for Softlung, along with more reflective works. Its very exciting to hear the mastery of engineering and songwriting come together in perfect harmony.

With the track “Worry” its quite refreshing to see the softer and less loud side of Kardash. This piece definitely delivers a banger aspect to the track, and it passes the 'will you speed while driving' test. (WARNING DO NOT RECREATE TEST). While the test is very unscientific it does prove that getting lost in the soundscape of the track is ridiculously easy to do. Perhaps this is a track to be worried about while one is behind the wheel.

As far as the beautiful pairing of imagery and music, the collaboration between Kardash and photographer Romonoff is pure genuine magic. The simplicity and warmth of the image really pairs well with the track. The contrast of warmth and anxiety is evident in the tones used as well as the soft edges and exposure of it. There is a nostalgia present that digital images just lack.  

During a bit of a back and forth the conversation lead to a lot of answers and enlightenment. “During the pandemic, I found myself turning inward and starting to reflect more. The isolation gave a lot of people a chance to re-evaluate where they were and where they wanted to be. Personally, I embraced some of the simple things in life. It also pushed me into my own music again and coming out of the pandemic I found myself on a completely different path.” Kardash definitely is clear that moving forward the music is more or less of a re-evaluation journey that is compelling and engaging to be part of as a listener. 

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