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Review: International Roots 'n' Blues Kitchen Party wows Prince Albert Audience (April 13th/2023)

Updated: May 11, 2023

by Scott Roos

photos by Scott and Deanna Roos

L to R: Charlie A'Court, Suzie Vinnick and Lloyd Spiegel (photo by Scott and Deanna Roos)

photos by Scott and Deanna Roos

Stunning musicality was on full display this past Thursday, April 13th when 3x JUNO Award nominee Suzie Vinnick, 5x East Coast Music Award winner Charlie A’Court, and 14x Australian Blues Award Winner Lloyd Spiegel took the stage at Prince Albert's E.A. Rawlinson Centre for the Arts. As the evening wore on, the trio played several songs together as well as a few solo. They delighted the crowd with stories and anecdotes that elicited much laughter. Their stage presence was infectious, and a fun night was had by all in attendance.

Spiegel demonstrated dazzling guitar chops as the evening progressed. His acrobatic and lightning fast picking was on truly a marvel proving why he's won so many awards in his home country of Australia. At one point, borrowing a technique made famous by heavy rock counterpart Eddie Van Halen, Spiegel made use of "tapping" which was cool but, at the same time, not flashy or over the top. He also had a big, boisterous voice which commanded the attention of those in attendance.

A'Court's guitar playing, by contrast, was silky and jazzy. Contemplative and melodically adept, it's no small wonder that he's often been compared to Clapton. Vocally, his voice was soulful and emotive.

Vinnick, who played electric bass for the majority of the concert, added versatility to the proceedings. Whilst she did play one solo song on the guitar, which showed off amazing technique, her bass solos were equally on point. She had a fantastically bluesy voice.

Collectively, then, this trio of awesome musicians put on a first rate show that was entertaining in every respect. The musicianship was off the chain, the songwriting was glorious and the stage banter hilarious. In terms of stage presence, these three delivered in spades. Kudos once again to the Rawlinson for hosting another fantastic night of music.

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