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Wade Fehr's new single "Bright as You" Shines on Family and Fatherhood

Updated: May 16, 2023

By Will Yannacoulias

Photo by Scott Roos

Prince Albert singer/songwriter Wade Fehr added another song to his impressive catalog today with the release of his latest one-off single “Bright as You”. A pretty track in Fehr’s distinct relaxed style, “Bright as You” delves tastefully into the subject of family and fatherhood. “I wrote ‘Bright as You’ for my three-year-old daughter, Zuzu” Fehr shared with NSMZ. “An earlier song of mine, ‘Another Soul’, on my album My Way Back Home, I wrote before Zuzu was born. It was about that period waiting for her to join us. Although she is our fourth child the anticipation of a new addition was still very emotional. Once Zuzu grew into a toddler I wanted to write a song for her that was about our relationship as father and daughter. I wanted the song to sound like the way she makes me feel. There are a few lyrics in the song that come from my favourite movie It’s a Wonderful Life, which my family has always watched every Christmas, I sing about ‘lassoing the moon’ and how she is my ‘Buffalo Girl’. Zuzu’s name also came from that movie.”

“Bright as You” still bears Fehr’s alt-roots signature, but is lighter and more laid back than his work on 2020’s dark, bluesy Of Ghosts And Graveyards. Dreamy, childlike xylophone, a patient drum shuffle and the lullaby melodies set a very deliberate mood, which Fehr attributed in part to his musical collaborators. “I love how it grew much bigger by adding the horns” Fehr shared. “Kayleigh Skomorowski, Scott Roos and my son Chord Fehr killed it and brought the song to a level above where it stood before their addition. Ian Dickson and Zack Kerr’s percussion is gentle but driving, the perfect mix. And Kirk Pilon’s bass playing adds a soft touch. Joel Rohs, Ian Dickson and I produced it. Those two really helped me bring this song to life.”

“Bright as You” is available now on all streaming services.

*artwork by Arja Kviebakk

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