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Week4 ReCap: Partying With the Cool Kids

Article and Photos by Melanie Macpherson

The final weekend in May was the finale to The Capitol Music Club's 9th Anniversary Celebration. Friday night was the much anticipated double album release party for Son of Han and Nutana, followed by a sold out Saturday night 80s Dance Party.

Starting the weekend off was Nutana, the side project of Sam Corbett, drummer of the renowned band The Sheepdogs, who took the stage with an folksy, low-key set that was clearly an intimate look into Corbett's mind as he processed and coped with a life-changing illness. The emotional atmosphere was further elevated as Corbett was joined by special guests, including Hanson, and Corbett's wife and father.

The excitement built as Son of Han, the solo project of Leot Hanson, took the stage. A Juno award-winning guitarist with an impressive resume, Hanson has played in a variety of bands, including The Sheepdogs, League of Wolves, and il Creatura. His energy filled set brought a rotating cast of talented musicians to the stage, including guest vocalists Aspen Beveridge (who also contributed to the album's production and sound engineering), Kit Langfield (check him out here), Micah Braun, Billy Tataryn, and Kory Istace . The variety of performers and styles resulted in an extraordinary fusion of folk, country, rock, pop, psychedelia and soul. This album was already set to be the soundtrack of my summer and hearing it live was so much fun. Seriously... this is the perfect soundtrack for cruising on a hot summer day with your arm out the window, hand just riding the breeze... intense yet mellow, it is just so good.

For the entire night, The Cap was packed with such fun mix of friends, fans and influential figures from the Saskatchewan music scene. It felt like having a front-row seat to an exclusive garage jam session, with an atmosphere that was more like a big house party than a concert.

For a full (and much better written) description of the Son of Han and Nutana show, check out NSMZ Editor Scott Roos' review. (The pictures are better too thanks to Aaron Brown).

The vibrant spirit of the 80s came roaring back to life in Saskatoon Saturday night with a sold-out 80s Dance Party that had attendees donning their neon, spandex, and bangles. The event took place in an atmosphere of pure nostalgia, as big screens filled the venue with iconic 80s music videos, transporting everyone back to a decade defined by decadence, indulgence, and unabashed extravagance. It was a fitting celebration of a musical era that continues to captivate audiences across generations.

As the night unfolded, the dance floor became a vibrant tapestry of colors and styles. Neon leg warmers, spandex, and teased hair were just a few of the iconic fashion statements that reigned supreme. The collective effort to recreate the 80s aesthetic added an extra layer of fun to the event, turning it into a visual spectacle that perfectly complemented the music.

The event served as a vibrant testament to the enduring legacy of the 80s and its timeless appeal. It was a night where people of all ages were able to let their hair down, sing at the top of their lungs, and dance like nobody was watching.

As my final edition of the ReCap, this article comes with mixed feelings. On the one hand, this month has been a crazy whirlwind of performances, photo editing, and writing, and I am looking forward to some well earned time off. On the other hand, May has been such a phenomenal experience for me as a fan, a photographer and a writer, and everyone involved has been so welcoming and encouraging; I'm really going to miss it. Capitolfest withdrawal is going to be rough. I have had an amazing time, and I can't thank both The Cap and NSMZ enough for giving me this opportunity. Happy anniversary to the Cap, and I can't wait for next year's party!

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