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A Letter From the Editor - December 2020

Phew! Another one in the can. It's been quite the wild ride these past few months for obviously a lot of different reasons - both pandemic and non-pandemic related. I will also admit, in the interest of full disclosure that I suffer from commitment issues - I HAVE A HARD TIME SAYING NO! So many of you to support and we try our best. That's why I wrote five features this month! I love you all!

In all honesty it's been great getting to know a wide array of artists from around this province and, in particular, locally here in Prince Albert. You've been keeping us busy considering we all have real jobs to deal with during these long cold winter days. Thanks to all the bands and artists for your time and effort supporting us and sharing our articles and zine links. It means so much to us and legitimizes what we do.

As always, I want to also give a shoutout to my team - Deanna, Will, Mark and also our newest addition and reviewer extraordinaire Mr. Andrew Liles. Each of the folks that "work" for NSMZ bring very special and unique talents to this zine and I'm so proud of our accomplishments! We're going to take January off. We will see you again for our February edition in the new year. As always, if you have any music you'd like us to check out for a review or feature let us know!

Happy Holidays,

Scott Roos

(Managing Editor, NSMZ)

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