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A Letter From the Editor: July 2022

Festival season is upon us and it's amazing to see so many of them sprouting up around our province. Of course, there are many of the usual suspects too. At NSMZ we've decided to report on a select few of special interest to us. That doesn't mean we aren't interested in all of them... But we're a small staff so we had to get choosy. So... Salt Shaker, Chester Fest, Waskesiu Lakeside, Regina Folk Fest, Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Camp and Festival, Gateway Music Festival, MooseFest and the Napatak Ramble is what we zeroed in on. With the Ramble, we've included a piece that we ran back in February as well as a recent review of Dara Schindelka's concert in Rosthern. Schindelka will be sharing the stage with a lot of great acts this year at the La Ronge based festival on July 1st and 2nd. For more info on tickets and the line-up see their website here:

All this being said, as the summer progresses we will try to promo and cover as many festivals and music events as we can.

There's also been a lot of gigs happening lately and some exciting new venues and we've tried to get out to as many shows as we can over the last few months. Albums are still being released in earnest. Essentially, the world and specifically our little neck of the musical. woods seems to be waking up.

The long and short of it is that we are always looking for writers. We're very fortunate to have lots of great photographers under our umbrella but, when it comes to writers, they are few and far between. If you're an experienced writer or even interested in being mentored we'd love to hear from you at

Finally, huge shoutout to Funky Moose Digital for sponsoring our domain name! We can now be found at thanks to Mark and Joel! You just gotta love those guys! We see them at a lot of the same shows and have become pretty tight with them.

Anyways, peace, love and music to you all!

-Scott Roos

(Managing Editor, NSMZ)

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