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A Letter From the Editor - May 2022

The roller coaster ride continues... Restrictions are eased and there's live shows in abundance and festival season is on the horizon. We at NSMZ have been working hard to write about the artists that you wanna read about, and be right there in the thick of things when live shows are happening. And people have taken notice! Back in late March we had an online CBC article penned about our zine (thanks Adeoluwa) which just added to the legitimacy of what we're doing. We've always been proudly local and have tried to champion the "little guys" and it's been nice to see how things have progressed with many of the artists we have written about since we first started. Speaking from my own personal perspective, I've witnessed Katelyn Lehner's songwriting mature to the point that she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to radio friendly songs that feature her own blend of playful optimism, I've seen Jake Vaadeland go from shy kid with a banjo to winning four SCMA awards... Honestly, I could go on and on. And, whilst we can't claim sole credit for many of these success stories we can certainly pause, reflect, and give ourselves at least a small pat on the back for shining a light on some of these artists before shining that light on them was cool. So I guess I'll just say that y'all need to keep reading because there will be more Jakes and more Katelyns as the months continue to progress with the zine. In the meantime, we're taking June off to prep for the summer festival season but I know you're going to enjoy what we have in store this month!


(managing editor, NSMZ)

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