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A+ Review: People of the Sun's Energizing and Uplifting Debut EP!

Updated: May 20, 2023

by Andrew Liles

Our Grade: A+

Last Day of Summer is the maiden voyage of Regina’s diverse 8-peice R&B/Hip Hop act, People of the Sun… and you need to grab a seat before it sets sail. This live recorded EP was spawned from the inspiration of Erik Mehlsen (Guitar, Producer, Label Founder) and mixed by Justin Bender. Mehlsen’s vision was to create a band and record label featuring hip hop and R&B singers, supported by a live rhythm section. Mehlsen first brought in Rob Lane (Bass) and Cyprian Henry (Drums) to record a 5-song EP of instrumentals which evolved. He then reached out to various local singers Info Red, Origin of Spin, and Adeoluwa with a later complement of Nini Jegz. The final piece to the puzzle was completed with Ethan Reoch on keys.

Energized and uplifting is the musical picture this conglomeration paints with their “one and done” live recording. There is no need for auto tune or studio tricks to enhance what you experience after the play button is engaged. This is made clear in the first track “The Lick” where Adeoluwa and Jegz dual vocals showcase the mutual support and talent that is to follow. The definitive song of this talented and diverse ensemble is embodied in “Lift Ya Head”. Mehlsen’s crisp angelic guitar tone allows Adeoluwa to weave in and out of the chords with his soulful verse into the title chorus. You will be guided through the remainder of the song by Origin of Spin’s effortless flow, Jegz heartfelt words of beauty, and solid messaging of Info Red.

People of the Sun bring a positive vibe to the music world with Last Day of Summer. It will make you think. It will make you get up and dance as if there is no one else around. What further makes this band stand out is the goal of Sharp 5 Records. It’s mission is to represent it’s community through anti-racist efforts, displaying multiculturalism, representing female voices, and doing their part towards reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples. There is no excuse not to get up and dance and love your neighbor with People of the Sun’s Last Day of Summer playing.

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