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An Insiders Guide to MooseFest

*Editor's note: Given our involvement with MooseFest this year, a few of our writers got together to give you a bit of a guide to what you can expect from this year's music. We've also got a Spotify playlist for ya . Enjoy and then come out to Bellevue. It's all going down this Saturday, August 5th!

Katelyn Lehner photos by Aaron Brown Photography

Brandon Baker (Electric Religious), Olivia Street (King of Foxes) and Cupid's Heart photos by Scotty the Rooster Photography

The Brothers G photos by Aaron Brown Photography

12:30 pm

Cupid's Heart

"Cupid’s Heart is a two piece experimental alternative rock band from the muddy banks of Prince Albert. Consisting of guitarist Emma Jean and cellist Stacey Dunn, the two work with a drum machine to put an unexpected spin on a great set of snarly, smart jams. Known for their fun and energetic live show, the pair have been playing almost continuously throughout the last year in support of of their EP Atrium." -Will Yannacoulias

1:30 pm

The Brothers G

"Playing what could be called Southern Rock with a prairie twist, The Brothers G skirt the line between country and blues with just enough rock thrown in to keep things interesting. These incredible musicians from Hafford, Saskatchewan bring to mind acts like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Travis Tritt or The Allman Brothers. Brothers Jason and Jordan Gall, joined by honourary brother Elias Brevik bring the small town Saskatchewan party to every show." - Melanie Macpherson

2:30 pm

Haunt Era

"Haunt Era is relatively new to the scene, so there wasn’t anything on Spotify to add to the playlist. With clean yet bluesy licks, gritty vocals and a seriously talented rhythm section, this band brings to mind guitar royalty like Cream or The Jimi Hendrix Experience. At times emotion filled and at times just reveling in the spirit of the guitar gods of old, Haunt Era will quickly become one of your new favourites." - Melanie Macpherson

3:30 pm

Room 333

"What can you expect from Room 333? You can expect to be taken on a journey from moving slow-burn ballads like 'Strong Enough' to songs featuring heavy riffs, thrumming basslines, and melodic vocals reminiscent of Chevelle like 'Beneath The Skin', 'Vindicated', and 'If I Lose My Wings'. It is best heard loud and in person to experience the catharsis of raging with the music. This crew has not played a show together since 2019. MooseFest will be a long awaited reunion for the band. "-Tara McDermott

4:30 pm

Kit Langfield

“With a diverse range of influences that include country, bluegrass, punk and hard rock and a mad Punk Rockabilly energy on stage, Kit Langfield is a powerhouse performer. Imagine Dave Grohl playing Johnny Cash, or maybe Hank Williams Jr. singing Social Distortion tunes. When you back him up with the Brothers G, it's pure magic on stage. This is incredible story telling, done exceptionally well, so hold on to your belt buckles, it's going to be a wild ride.” - Melanie Macpherson

5:30 pm


“Prepare to get comfy with Chesterfield. This earthy yet whimsical band brings an eclectic mix of sounds where you can have everything from rock 'n' roll to country, funk to folk, and psychedelia to surf pop. You never know what you're going to get but you know it’ll be a beautiful blend of talent, humour and imagination.” - Melanie Macpherson

6:30 pm

Electric Religious

​"Fronted by Prince Albert expat Brandon Baker, Electric Religious has, in the past, resided comfortably within the blues-rock genre. For MooseFest, Baker's plans are a little different. He and his band will be debuting new material that will be off of a forthcoming new record. He's described the overall vibe as ' a lot more disco and pop' than what he has done in the past. It'll be exciting to see and hear what this new direction entails at MooseFest." -Scott Roos

7:30 pm


​"Saskatoon’s GreenWing have been thrilling audiences since last year with their punk-tinged brand of big guitar-driven alt rock. The songs from last year’s Late Bloomer LP are loud memorable sing-alongs in the vein of Weezer, PUP and FIDLAR which have been honed to high energy perfection by a rigorous touring schedule. They were NSMZ Group of the Year in 2022." -Will Yannacoulias

8:45 pm

King of Foxes

​"King of Foxes, fronted by Olivia Street, is an award nominated pop-rock band from Edmonton. Their latest full length Twilight of the Empire presents as sonically sweet, soulful, and cheerfully optimistic. For the most part, it's a think piece kind of record that gets better with each subsequent listen. Street is a seasoned performer so her set should be a highlight of the festival for sure. Fun fact: Street and husband Brandon Baker (Electric Religious) share the same backing band." -Scott Roos

10:00 pm

Katelyn Lehner

"2022 NSMZ Artist of the Year Katelyn Lehner is a natural performer with a unique and captivating stage presence. Born and raised in Prince Albert, but currently residing in Saskatoon, her appearance at MooseFest 2023 will be a homecoming of sorts. She'll have the backing of her full band and a bucket load of pop country, singalong stompers. Bring your dancing shoes." -Scott Roos

Greenwing, Kit Langfield & The Brothers G, Haunt Era and Chesterfield photos by Melanie Macpherson

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