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"Being able to come out again is phenomenal" The Hourhand play Saskatoon

By Victoria Perras

photos by Aaron Brown Photography

After 21 months of being off stage, The Hourhand was able to come back to Saskatoon and perform a good quality Rock N’ Roll show last month at the Coors Event Centre on ‘The Vizzy Stage’. The Hourhand was very excited to be back in Saskatoon.

Guitarist Cole Van Woert told NSMZ “The community here is amazing and everyone here is super supportive. They try very hard when it comes to production style. I love coming to Saskatoon”.

When asking the band what their favourite part about playing in Saskatoon was, drummer Dawson Dressler had a lot to share. “My favourite part about coming here to play is meeting up with people that we were so close with before Covid happened. So being able to come out again is phenomenal, just to see people and be back with friends."

The band was all in agreement that seeing familiar faces and old friends is very nice. This goes to show how much they appreciate their fans. The band also made sure that this show was going to be great and put a lot of time into preparing. Lead vocalist and bassist Gray Fallow told NSMZ “We started filming our rehearsals and then went back to review the tapes. Just to see the audience's perspective".

The band felt very confident about rehearsing for this show even after not rehearsing for a while. Fallow added “Honestly as soon as we started rehearsing again it felt like we were riding a bike. We didn't feel out of place”.

Van Woert expressed his fondness for band practice and explained how bummed he was when it stopped for a while. “The one constant thing that we always had was band practice. School changed, relationships changed, and work changed but the band always stayed a constant. When that stopped it was not great. But that was in the past and we are together now and playing Rock N’ Roll again."

The Hourhand went on that night and performed a great set with some new songs thrown into the mix. Next time you have the chance make sure to go see The Hourhand. They perform great shows with crazy guitar solos from Van Woert, tasteful drum fills from Dressler, and killer vocals and bass skills from Farrow. Every fan should be very excited for future shows and music from The Hourhand. Make sure to check out their next show at The Exchange in Regina on October 30th for the annual Halloween Howl. They will be playing alongside Saskatoon rock trio W3APONS.

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