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Chester Fest Hosts Oscar’s Hollow July 8 & 9

By Will Yannacoulias

Photo Courtesy Oscar’s Hollow

Prince Albert’s Chester Fest returns for its third year, a scrappy little festival that has earned a reputation for it’s mix of high profile artists and must-hear indie acts. Seventeen artists on two stages including an after-hours party will serenade the couch-surfing crowds, headlined by The Northern Pikes, Paris Pick and Scenic Route To Alaska.

New to Chester Fest this year is the choice of location. For 2022 promoter Joel Rohs brought the event out of the woods and into the big city, setting up at the Exhibition Grounds in the heart of Prince Albert. Citing better access to public transit, accommodations and amenities as reasons for the move, Rohs feels confident the new location will bring more people out on single day passes or to stay late for the after hours stage.

Making their first appearance on the Chester Fest stage is Oscar’s Hollow, a Saskatoon four piece whose brand of passionate, bluesy roots rock has earned them a full dance card with the Saskatchewan festival circuit this summer. Chester Fest, Ness Creek and Dog Patch appearances three weekends in a row means that Oscar’s Hollow will be getting lots of fresh air and sunshine this July, an opportunity founder Kris Mihilewicz is excited and thankful for.

“On our first two EPs we were still learning our writing and recording process” Mihilewicz told NSMZ. “When live shows were shut down it was a mixed bag for us. On one hand, It gave us the time we needed to apply those lessons we learned from our previous two EPs and really work out the arrangements and fine details of this batch of new songs. The downside, of course, is that it kept us from playing the new songs in front of live crowds, which is always the true test of whether or not they work. Thankfully with live events and festivals returning, we’re now getting that opportunity.”

Born and raised in Prince Albert, Mihilewicz feels the same excitement for Chester Fest shared with many in the city. “Whether it was singing in the boys choir at the Margo Fournier Centre or running the lights at the Country North Show (and getting paid in comic books), I’ve always felt a strong connection to the music community growing up in Prince Albert.” Mihilewicz mused. “That’s why it’s so great to see all the hard work Joel [Rohs] and Kayanna [Wirtz] put into filling the need for a marquee summer music festival in PA. All I can say is that I’m honoured to be a part of this year’s iteration of Chesterfest.”

Oscar’s Hollow will be rocking the Chester Fest After Hours Stage Saturday, July 9 at 11:30 PM. For more information please visit:

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