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Chris Vasseur’s “Preacher Man” Release Party An Intimate Affair

Updated: May 13, 2023

By Andreea Moore

On November 25, 2022 this wee journalist was blessed to the opportunity to check out a show in the series of concerts held at a super secret super insider location titled “That House on H”. What is a house show one would ask, well it's exactly what it sounds like. It's a show at someone's house. It's a long insider to the scene tradition that one needs a special invasion to attend. Usually the number of people is limited to the amount of space. A House show often resembles a house party that is focused and very low key. It's the type of event that high school me would have done anything to be a part of. Basically the house show is a concept that is focused on creative individuals who want to support each other's creative practices and experience the full range of human emotion, passion and dedication to the craft of songwriting. 

The lineup for the evening featured the soulful butter voiced Out of Frequency, and the full Christopher James Vasseur Band. As far as a turnout it's difficult to say, but there definitely was what one would call a packed house both metaphorically and literally. In the spirit of the track “Sunday Whiskey” the show’s sets were given tasting notes much like a whiskey, a fine wine or a sipping ceremony of coffee. House shows are much more intimate and therefore engage all the senses. Oh and did I forget to mention that this was the official launch to the very beautiful track "Preacher Man" that is dedicated to friendship? No well like they always say between friends, cheers! 

Out of Frequency - Fabian Villeneuve 

Set was amazing. Fabian rocked it! Soulful smooth butter voice very well balanced. Definitely a great entrance into the launch of the new name. Relaxed and warm much like a sweater on a crisp day in Saskatchewan. Definitely an avid craftsperson of the art of songwriting. If I was to taste the sound it would be much like a rich full bodied mid roast coffee with notes of cinnamon chicory and oak with ever so subtle notes of smoke. There is a slight floral note somewhat reminiscent of vanilla blossoms and lavender. All in all this is a definite successful launch of the new identity for Villeneuve. 

Christopher James Vasseur Band

Banger, definitely sparks the feeling of el camino outlaw country and smooth like a hot knife that's hella sharp! I feel Cheryl from Archer, insert the gif! My tasting notes are smooth, oaky smoky, hints of apple and cinnamon, definitely goes down like a well blended and well aged but not too petite whiskey, the kind one needs a step ladder to attempt to reach. With the band backing the set I get the citrus notes of orange expressed into the glass! Also there is no pesky ice in this drink to dilute the flavours because ice in drinks ruins it. One who does that is a royal nightmare.

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