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Cupid’s Heart Debut a “Not Sure Where You Fit In” Vibe

By Will Yannacoulias & Aidan Orison

Photos by Josalynn Lawrence @mildmusings

Regina alt-punk duo Cupid’s Heart released their debut single “Juliet” today and is celebrating in style with a province-wide release party tour. The duo are performing with Good Friend and Ella & Jules at The Cure in Regina tonight, at Amigos in Saskatoon with Anna Haverstock on January 7th, and will return to the stage at Prince Albert’s Rock Trout Cafe with The Great Fuss and Dylan Jules Cooper on January 21.

“Juliet” serves as an ideal introduction to the sparse, gritty arrangements and ambrosial, romantic imagery of Cupid’s Heart. Emma Jean’s soft-to-snarl guitar and dusky, Kim Gordon-meets-Chrissy Hynde vocals are steered clear of riff-rock familiarity by Stacey Dunn’s purring cello and drum machine rhythm section. “Juliet is a vibe” shared songwriter Emma Jean. “A ‘not sure where you fit in the scheme of love and romance’ vibe. A back-and-forth with pressures that say it is better to be in a relationship than not, that if you are coming to a party you are expected to bring something or someone with you. It feels like there isn’t much representation on what love and lust and belonging mean from a queer female perspective, so hopefully this song makes more room for that experience and the emotions that go along with it.”

Stacey Dunn added her perspective on the lyrics of “Juliet”, saying “To me, this song epitomises the classic beauty that Juliet is. The desirable archetype that so many strive for. That romanticised version of love and beauty that really is non-existent. As the song builds, there is this discovery of a more authentic self that is real and raw and gritty. This self that is unapologetically true, released and embraced. Take it or leave it, who cares, get it got it go.”

“Juliet” is available on all streaming services now. Exciting new singles from Cupid’s Heart’s forthcoming debut EP Atrium are planned throughout 2023.

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