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Cupid’s Heart Wrapping Up “Juliet” Tour In Prince Albert

Updated: May 13, 2023

By Will Yannacoulias

Photos by Quentin Friesen

Prince Albert alt-punk duo Cupid's Heart celebrated the release of their debut single "Juliet" by bringing their energetic live show to The Cure in Regina, Amigos in Saskatoon, a house show in La Ronge and wrapping up at the Rock Trout in Prince Albert this Friday. NSMZ asked Emma Jean and Stacey Dunn about playing live for old friends and fresh fans all around the province.

"Kicking off our single release at The Cure in Regina on January 6 was a special night for us. It's where we had our first performance as Cupid's Heart, so to come back and have our release there was amazing. It felt like a birthday party with friends."

"We played at Amigos In Saskatoon on January 7- a venue we both felt a nostalgic connection with. It was cool to play on the same stage shared by many other artists we have rocked out to in years past. It was a fun night with high energy!"

"We were invited to open at a house show in La Ronge January 14th, and with the celebration of our single release as well as it being Stacey's hometown- we leaped on the opportunity! Sharing our music amongst old and new friends in a more intimate living room setting was a wonderful experience that we hope to repeat."

January 21 will conclude Juliet's Sask debut as Cupid's Heart return to their new home in Prince Albert to blow the roof off the Rock Trout Cafe with Dylan Jules Cooper and The Great Fuss. Tickets for the January 21 show are available at

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