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Eekwol Braves Snowstorm To Perform Inspiring Show in P.A.

Updated: May 10, 2023

By Scott Roos

With blizzardlike conditions throughout much of the province, Saskatoon-based wordsmith, and hip hop sensation Lindsay Knight aka Eekwol soldiered on to deliver a powerful and inspiring set to a modest crowd of scene stalwarts at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre For the Arts this past Saturday, Nov. 7th. Armed simply with a laptop and a microphone, Knight performed about a dozen tracks that spanned her 20 some odd year career in the industry on top of some newer material she had never played live before.

Throughout her 75 mins on stage, Eekwol shared stories from her life and provided unique insight into each song she was about to perform. This style of storytellers approach has become a staple of Rawlinson shows this season and proved most enjoyable this time out.

It had been roughly seven months since Eekwol's last performance but you would not have known. There was a bit of nervous energy in the beginning but, in general, Eekwol proved that she is a consummate professional. In spite of the adversity of a pandemic, a snowstorm, a DJ that was unable to make the show, and small crowd, Eekwol gave the audience the type of show that she normally would and that perhaps was the most admirable part of her performance Saturday night.

Another very important takeaway from this it that the Rawlinson continues to provide quality programming in about as safe an environment as possible under the circumstances. The fact that this quality has continued through a global pandemic with predominantly locally sourced entertainment is extremely commendable. Hats off to both the Rawlinson and Eekwol for providing a chance for music lovers to forget, even if momentarily, the at times soul crushing reality of this moment in history we are living through. Thank you... That is all...

*all pics by Deanna Roos of Contingent Colours Photography

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