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GreenWing and Highwind To Open For Tiny Moving Parts

By Will Yannacoulias

GreenWing photo by Melanie Macpherson

Tonight is the night! Iconic Midwest emo pioneers Tiny Moving Parts are currently on tour, and the Benson, Minnesota trio have included a stop at the Black Cat Tavern in Saskatoon on their schedule. The good news got even better when the announcement was made that two of my favourite local indie bands, GreenWing from Saskatoon and Highwind from Moose Jaw, were opening the show. I spoke with Matt Stinn of GreenWing and with Troy Waggoner and Eric Taylor of Highwind about their anticipation and excitement to open for a band that inspired and influenced them.

"We all really like Tiny Moving Parts so when we got the offer it was a no-brainer; it's a smaller venue, it's a Wednesday, let's pack it! I'm really excited about Highwind too, we played a show with them in Regina about a year ago and it's one of the best pairings we've ever had on tour, in terms of both bands fitting together well. I've known those guys for five or six years now. Opening for this Midwest emo heritage act is fuckin' sweet, but we're also getting to open alongside a local band we're fans of." - Matt Stinn, GreenWing

"We're stoked. Right when we saw they were coming to Saskatoon we figured out the contact and said 'we love this band and we'd be so happy to be a part of this show'. We love GreenWing, we're friends with those guys and we're happy to be sharing this show with them. When we (Taylor & Waggoner) became roommates in 2020 right at the beginning of the pandemic the Tiny Moving Parts song 'Caution' was in our rotation a lot and they've become part of the soundtrack now whenever we're hanging out. This is our first show since the album came out, we're flying Ehren (Pfeifer, second guitarist) in from Toronto. We wanted the perfect fit our first time playing as a four piece and our first time performing after the release of the album, and we couldn't ask for a better fit than this." - Eric Taylor & Troy Waggoner, Highwind

Tiny Moving Parts, GreenWing and Highwind are playing tonight at the Black Cat Tavern in Saskatoon. The show starts at 8 PM sharp- come say hi!

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