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Jonathon Karabekian Releases New Album "This Robot Can Move"

By Will Yannacoulias

Writing and releasing new music like a man possessed, Prince Albert rapper Jonathon Karabekian is treating listeners to a third release of his personal, reflective rhymes. Along with 2020's Participation Awards and the nervosa EP released just last March, the new album This Robot Can Move adds another eight tracks to Karabekian's swiftly growing catalog.

“All I ever write about is existence, what’s bothering me” said Karabekian. The eight songs on This Robot Can Move deal with recurring themes of addiction, loss, family breakdown, mental health and personal growth. Karabekian is a songwriter who wears his heart on his sleeve, who tells his stories and shares his pain as part of his own understanding and healing. It can make for heavy listening but in a genre sometimes guilty of being lyrically superficial, it's very rewarding to see a skilled storyteller create within a vulnerable space and let his guard so completely fall. Karabekian reflects that “‘On My Own Now’ is like saying goodbye to that old hurt, you know? And ‘Ending’ is like turning on a light, telling myself it’s okay to stop running.”

This Robot Can Move is available on all streaming platforms Friday July 2.

photo credit Scott Roos

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