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Kankpace 2.0 Mixtape

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

By Andreea Moore

Kankpace 2.0 Mixtape is an album like nothing typically heard in the Sask Music scene. The soundscape can be described as airy, sci-fi alien, and above all experimental. The feeling that one can open up and truly become awakened to a new dimension. The nuances of this record are mystifying and mind alteringly vast. There is a specific quality of the record that reminds me of the analogue music days, pre digital over-production. There is a genius simplicity to it that makes this record especially appealing and nostalgic. While listening the record paired quite well with a french press full of coffee and possibly a small bit of a relaxation from a plant source that will remain nameless. The poetry within the sparse lyrical content breaks the various soundscapes into more of a narrative with more of a storytelling arch.

Kankpace is not only a brilliant musician, he is a highly talented visual artist of multiple mediums such as painting, sketching, sculpture and miniatures. Something most people know Kendric from would be the sk8 scene. Kendric is a founder of the skate troop/artist collective “Teeth Skateboarding”. This collective is known for creative skate tricks, interesting artworks and introspective short film.

The film making of Kankpace is somewhat raw, exciting, and innovative. It ranges from one take Super 8’s to short Vine-type skate clips to micro skate clips featuring Kendric’s miniatures and sculpture.

The music is a mix of these mediums and plays well with Kendric’s other works. All in all The Kankpace 2 2022 Mixtape is definitely an album to listen to.

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