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New Jacobin Club Score Big at the Roxy

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

by Will Yannacoulias

Magic Lantern Theatre's The Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon has unearthed a unique way to support local music and set the Halloween mood. Four classic silent horror films are being screened in the week leading up to Halloween, with original scores composed by local Saskatoon bands. The tradition dates back to 2010, with this year’s lineup as strong as ever.

October 28th will feature Faust accompanied by Mahogany Frog. On October 29th, The New Jacobin Club will provide the backdrop to Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. The October 30th screening of Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages will double as a vinyl release party for The Garry’s score. The event will wrap up on Halloween with Shooting Guns and Nosferatu.

NSMZ recently spoke to New Jacobin Club guitarist The Horde, who was excited about the band’s participation in the project for it’s third year.

“The Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde soundtrack commission was one of the highlights of the last 10 years for us. We spent nearly 12 months preparing it for the original 2018 premiere, and we really took advantage of the opportunity to play around with everything we’d always wanted to try - electric cello loops, creepy atonality, and even parts where half the band are playing drums and percussion. We were invited to perform it live again in Glasgow and Edinburgh (Scotland) for Robert Louis Stevenson day and the film’s 100th anniversary… but sadly we’ll miss that now, of course. We are very grateful to Magic Lantern Theatres and the Roxy Saskatoon that it will at least be shown again here in Canada this year,” stated Horde.

*Pictures courtesy of The New Jacobin Club

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