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Review: Karissa Hoffart's Latest Is A Promising Set of Uplifting Tunes For These Challenging Times

Updated: May 10, 2023

By Andrew Liles

Our Grade: B

Life of Mine, the latest effort from Lumsden based singer-songwriter Karissa Hoffart is a promising set of six inspiring tracks destined to get your feet moving and toes tapping but will also collectively serve as a strong and uplifting message of hope in challenging times. Hoffart's performance experience has brought her to the main stage at Craven Country Jamboree, Casino Regina, and at Telemiracle for several years now. Firmly rooted where her musical inspirations come from while working on the farm, Hoffart’s strong work ethic will take her far as she fine tunes her craft as a songwriter.

Kicking off with the anthemic “She's Enough” Hoffart urges listeners to stand up for themselves, follow their passions no matter what, and to believe in themselves when others won’t. The message of never doubting who you are, comes through loud and clear. The title track “Life Of Mine” gives insight to Hoffart’s positive upbringing which helped her to transcend life’s challenges. It is this consistent positive message that will resonate with listeners of all ages.

While there are different influences such as Carrie Underwood that come to mind, Hoffart has a clear tone of her own that will blossom. Her uplifting attitude and positivity within her lyrics is contagious and will propel her into bigger and better things as she evolves into the artist she is determined to be. (independent)

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