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Review: Katelyn Lehner's Debut Single "Red"

Updated: May 20, 2023

by Andrew Liles

Our grade: B+

Katelyn Lehner's debut single "Red" co-written with Tucker Lane's Leslie Stanwyck (acoustic guitar / backing vocals on track) is one of those songs you want playing with the windows rolled down as you take a slow ride down Saskatoon's 8th Street on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Its laid back groove is punctuated with a fun chorus featuring Lehner's clear and smooth vocals elevating her performance above the grade of many debut artists.

Overall, "Red" is a hybrid track that mixes in a spicy cocktail of country twang, rock swagger, and pop melody. Backed by Sam Derbawka on pedal steel and banjo to establish country credibility and further supported by the straight rocking rhythm section of Warren Medernach (drums), Johnny Sinclair (bass), and Brent Carlin (electric guitar), the arrangement establishes a competent groove throughout.

The highlight, however, is the pop influenced chorus where Lehner uses a catchy stuttered vocal style on the words "kiss", "red", and "said" which provides an extremely memorable hook. Lehner's cool reference to Stealers Wheel "Stuck In The Middle With You" at the end of each of her verses when she sings, "Caught in the middle with you" is also a pleasant surprise.

There is surely more to come from this promising debut release from Lehner. Be sure to follow her and learn more about her on and

*Photos of Katelyn Lehner's "Red" single cover courtesy of Katelyn Lehner and Nicole Romanoff

*Photo of Katelyn singing and playing guitar courtesy of Deanna Roos and Contingent Colours Photography

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