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Review: Origin Of Spin's Impressive First Offering

Updated: May 20, 2023

by Will Yannacoulias

Our Grade: B+

Released October 23rd 2020, Abstract Perception is the first full length release from Pakistani-Canadian producer Origin of Spin (Adam Parwez). The 14 track project is a collection of various beats created during his six years in Vancouver and completed in his current home in Regina. Origin of Spin draws on his Trip Hop, Downtempo, Jazz and Electronica influences to create a lush, complex experience sure to resonate with fans of more established artists such as Flying Lotus, Nujabes and J Dilla.

The tracks on Abstract Perception are all produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Origin of Spin. The songs are different enough to keep the listener interested, yet smoothly connected by the measured, mellow vibe. Despite it being a first album and the songs spanning such a broad period in his career, Abstract Perception is seamlessly cohesive; Origin of Spin boasts a definite signature style. He captures a chill, jazzy atmosphere on tracks such as “Quartz” and “Motion”, where his unorthodox beats and subdued keys provide the backdrop for guest guitarist Truman Shaefer to dazzle with smooth, effortless playing. Origin of Spin’s jazz influences are also front and center in the swirling, dreamy single “Mouhamadou”, featuring guest vocals from singer/songwriter Ava Wild alongside spoken word samples and his own capable guitar work. Songs such as “Sage” and “Rebirth” are built upon more energetic, harder hip-hop beats, but the playful, sleepy melodies keep them well grounded in Origin of Spin’s signature relaxed, chill style. Another standout track is the mesmerizing “Prophet”, a collaboration with producer AstroLogical, one half of the Vancouver Hip Hop duo Potatohead People.

Abstract Perception has earned Origin of Spin well deserved SaskMusic Award nominations for Hip Hop Artist Of The Year and Electronic Artist Of The Year. Though not revolutionary or genre-defining, the album is creative and highly listenable, sure to impress anyone who enjoys chill jazz-tinged Trip Hop/Electronica.

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