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Review: The Brothers G play scintillating album release show at Amigos (Jan. 19/2024)

Updated: Jan 27

by Scott Roos

photos by Tracy Creighton/Copperblue Photo and Design

Friday, January 19th, at Amigos Cantina in Saskatoon, an air of joviality was tangible as The Brothers G took the stage for their official album release show. Opening up the festivities were bands Old Joe and the Truth Hurts and Chesterfield. All three acts were in fine form to collectively provide an evening of quality music front to back.

In general, the quirky, alt-country meanderings of Old Joe and the Truth Hurts were well received. The twenty some odd year veterans of the local scene, the Old Joe crew were energetic and fun, pairing well with the jam band gymnastics that Chesterfield had to offer.

Chesterfield delivered one of their typical sets that they have become so well known for, although they did end with a captivating rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”. The pair of bands set the mood, keeping everyone happy and entertained creating an almost familial atmosphere with all those present.

Kit Langfield then took the stage to deliver a humorous, poetic, borderline pretentious (but in a good way) introduction of The Brothers G. Langfield was backed by The Brothers G for several shows in 2023 and, during that time, the guys collectively bonded. It’s obvious when it comes to how fond of them Langfield is. Plus, they made him sound better. There’s no denying that. It's a fact. So, needless to say, he, to use a pro wrestling term, put over the guys saying that the album was one of "the best albums he’s ever heard" and, while that may have been a case of extreme hyperbole brought on by friendship, he’s not entirely wrong in a sense. The album is kickass no doubt and will likely be on many top ten lists for SK at the end of the year.

Once Langfield’s pleasantries concluded, The Brothers G hit the first chord of Bob Seger’s “Ramblin’ Gambln’ Man” and commenced to do what they do best: R.O.C.K. Since this was an album release the band cycled through their album in song order kicking off with the scintillating, heavy blues punch to the cranium that is “Black Gold”. Other set highlights included "Bitch Got a Gun, "Copycat Blues" and "Monte Carlo".

Here’s the thing: Jason Gall, Jordan Gall and Elias Brevik are talented AF. They are young; babies practically. There’s room for growth and this album is a nice start to hopefully what becomes a series of opuses that show steady growth and improvement. They are a great live band to be sure, one of the best around, and they will only get better as they continue to sequester themselves in the studio working toward the unattainable perfection that so many musicians strive for. They won’t get there (nobody does) but they sure as hell can try.

The night ended with a spirited cover of The Tragically Hip’s “New Orleans Is Sinking” and then the good people were off on their merry way. In short, this show was a good’er.

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