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Review: The Ominous Tones of New Wade Fehr EP Should Top Many Best of 2020 Lists

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

By Andrew Liles


Of Ghosts and Graveyards is a decidedly dark and eerie EP from Lily Plain, Saskatchewan’s singer/songwriter, Wade Fehr. It is a series of tales about vengeance, misfortune, headless ghosts, and unworldly phenomena delivered in a powerful blues style. What stands out is the creative use of instruments not typically connected with the genre. All this makes for a unique twist on the blues while focusing on lyrics best told with the lights on.

The ominous vibe of this album is obvious with songs such as “VALLEY IS MY GRAVE”. As if whispered by disembodied voices, it laments of a house built on a graveyard, where spirits torment the living. Fehr creates this creepy atmosphere along with his wife, TanMarie (backing vocals) and son, Chord (bass clarinet). The consistent dark theme on “Of Ghosts and Graveyards” is further played out with “SCARECROW”. This sinister slide guitar and drum driven dirge hints of blues legend, Robert Johnson. The menacing harmonica and muddy electric guitar provide the devilish backdrop while your foot taps nervously at the


This unique blend of supernatural and blues is destined to send shivers down the spines of the listener. Staffed by a wide swath of local musicians like Kayleigh Skomorowski (Keyboards), Zachary Kerr (percussion), Joel Rohs (guitars, bass, keyboards), Peter Laflamme (nylon string guitar) and many others, the high quality musical signature to Fehr’s unforgettable EP, Of Ghosts and Graveyards is hard to ignore. This is, or should be, at the top of many best of 2020 lists this year. (independent)

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