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She's back: Hot Dog Helen gets to know Edmonton's Darryl Saves Lives

Updated: May 13, 2023

by Hot Dog Helen

Darryl Saves Lives l to r: Cole, David, Neal, Nick) (photo by Phil Rodda)

Hi, Hot Dog Helen here!

On my adventures, I have come across a most excellent Edmonton based band who call themselves Darryl Saves Lives. I saw them perform at The Black Cat Tavern in Saskatoon on Sept. 24th. They have amazing energy on stage and know how to captivate an audience. I fell in love with their sound and wanted to get to know each member a little bit more. I asked each member to tell me a little bit about themselves and they delivered.

First, there is Nick who performs guitar and vocals for the band. He got into rock music by playing Guitar Hero. A fun and quirky fact about Nick is that he discovered the band Radiohead from a Hannah Montana episode. Radiohead is still one of his favourite bands. He’d like to thank Hannah Montana for this epic discovery.

Next up is Cole. Cole also performs guitar and vocals for the band. He got into music after watching Van Halen on Much Music when he was just three years old. A quirky fact about Cole is that even though he dropped and broke his turn table over a year ago, he is still an avid record collector.

Then we have got David! David is the drummer for the band. He got into music after discovering all of his favourite bands on YouTube and realizing how cool it would be to play their songs. A quirky fact about David is that even though he has been playing drums for eleven years, he still cannot play rock band.

Last but certainly not least, we have Neal! Neal performs bass and back up vocals for the band. He got into music through his brothers iPod. A quirky fact about Neal is that he only plays bass because his house burnt down.

Darryl Saves Lives is an awesome up and coming band. I really recommend going out to a show of theirs if you get the chance. You will not be disappointed!

Take care, Hot Dog Helen

photo by Deanna Roos

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