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The Auspicious, Highly Melodic and Dance Centric EP “Comatose"

The auspicious EP “Comatose '' dropped by Producer/ DJ /Songwriter, CNYK was released on August 4 , 2023! This is a very exciting step in CNYK’s career and sonically it marks a crossroads in the writing as a giant leap forward both musically and personally for the brilliance that embodies the very essence of CNYK.

Hip hop, Phonk, Dance Wave music with eccentric vocal chops and screws and big room vibes.

The essence behind this fresh new wave record and its melodic narrative beats that are impossible to resist- is almost transported to a realm of thrill, calm euphoria, ecstasy and a strong sense of self love, harmony & contentment washes over the listener.

The common boosh boosh boosh sound is a nostalgic oldskool club feel and new wave sound that form together to shape a new wave melodic sound.

Each track goes together nicely to explain the narrative of realizing one’s own happiness and Self worth is worth more than staying with the status quo and settling for less. This is very present with the track “Make Me Love Me”, as it explains the journey that CNYK experienced within her lived experiences. All in all it's an anthem of empowerment of herself and encouraging others to empower themselves too.

The track “Stay to Get High” is a motivational of self sufficiency and being responsible for one’s own destiny. This track is also an ode to hard work and seeing progress and not allowing the toxicity of the post, post apocalyptic society we reside in. It is also one of those songs that makes even the worst dancers want to dance.

The track “Dreams Come True” , also showcases empowerment, hard work and experiencing reaping the rewards of the hard work coming full circle.

CNYK says “ If you found me from ” Dreams Come True Remix” we all shared a blessed moment together during the first week of its release, you are some of my favorite listeners and I have more dance tracks coming out next summer!”

This track is more or less an addition to “Stay To Get High” but with one subtle difference, it is more about how one's efforts will pay off eventually and that dedication to chase your goals is worth it in the end. Although at surface this track is superficially celeberration focused, the deeper layer is an overwhelmingly difficult story of sacrifice, dedication and follow through.

To reap the rewards and dreams takes time, dedication and lots of effort and CNYK’s musical journey inspires many to keep listening.

All in all “Comatose” is a fresh new high vibration to all the senses and a must listen record!

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