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The Night They Called It A Day: Saskatoon's Rosie & the Riveters Ride Off Into the Prairie Sunset

Updated: May 11, 2023

by Will Yannacoulias

Earlier this week Saskatoon folk-pop trio Rosie & the Riveters announced that the group was retiring. A heartfelt post on the group’s Facebook page shared that, “We’ve decided to move on to other things. There’s nothing more to it than the feeling that it’s just the right time to grow in other ways.”

Nine year veterans of the local music scene, members Alexis Normand, Farideh Olsen and Allyson Reigh recorded two albums: 2015’s Good Clean Fun and 2018’s Ms. Behave. Rosie & the Riveters distinct yet accessible style was in regular rotation on CBC & college radio, with both albums charting high on the CBC Radio Two Top 20.

It was through live performances that the trio really won audiences over. CBC Radio 2 host Rich Terfry praised them as “One of the best live shows you’ll ever see.” The group tirelessly toured and were celebrated for putting on an incredible show, playing festivals and venues big and small all over the country.

Though many are disappointed to learn that Rosie & The Riveters are no more, there’s no doubt that Normand, Olsen and Reigh will be putting out quality music for years to come.

*pics from Prince Albert's Chesterfest courtesy of Contingent Colours Photography

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