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The Travel of Cubes: A Journey In 9 Stages, An Engaging Album by David Bordessa

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

By Andreea Moore

What can one say about this record, well its distinctly and indisputably a complete narrative. The record TTOCAJI9S is well crafted, written and enginered by the captivating David Bordessa. His background as a sound engineer and seasoned musician plays well into the sonic soundscape that is presented. While listening to the record the listener can fully immerse themselves in the lush, juicy and captivating pathway.

Bordessa’s work is a follow up to his previous 3 releases. This newest release builds on the experimental nature of his music. For example in the sophomore release, Though The Mirror is Cracked it Still Possesses The Power To Reflect, Bordessa allows his special feline friend Peach to make her vocal debut.

Bordesa’s skills as a songwriter really come across throughout TTOCAJ9S as well as his keen ear for creating something that is truly innovative, bold and creates a unique soundscape. The layered nuances of each track show inklings of Bordessa’s growth and untapped potential as both a songwriter and as an engineer. The attention to detail and playing, no flirting, with the very essence of experience.

This record is definitely a great work to be enjoyed on the a highly exciting soundscape of the Saskatchewan music scene. As for David Bordessa only time will tell what treats he has in store in the future.

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