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Unforgettable Night: Blu Beach Band FT. KLOVR live on stage at the Capitol Music Club

by Dyanna Kampman

photos by Captured Beyond Today

Oh? You weren’t at Capitol Music Club on April 6th? So, you didn’t buy a ticket to see Regina's Blu Beach Band ft. supporting act KLOVR? WOW. Well, luckily for you… I did. And it was incredible. Now, I know you probably clicked to hear me gush about Blu Beach Band ,trust me I will get to that, but we MUST talk about who they got to open for them first…. Let me introduce you to KLOVR.

KLOVR (aka Kieryan Ashton-Fortin's band) describes himself as “your local neighborhood alt-pop musician”, and I couldn’t agree more. There’s something to be said when a band can take the stage and transport you to their dad's old garage. From nearly tripping over microphone chords to learning you’re going to fall in love again- they kept our attention from start to finish. Ashton-Fortin said something that stuck out to me, and I really think you all should hear it too: “You don’t have to be someone special, to make something special.” Go out there and make art, just as they have and will continue to do. Although there are only a few songs currently available to the public, it hasn’t stopped them from making a bunch noise in our local music scene. (A little birdie told me they are releasing a song near the end of April, so keep an ear out.)

ALRIGHT! YOU'VE TWISTED MY ARM! Enough about them. Let’s get to the main event.

It is nearly impossible to sit still when Blu Beach Band starts playing. When the first few beats of "City Love" started to fill the room, I felt like I was skipping down the boardwalk with an ice-cream cone in one hand and a beer in the other. I found myself singing “shadala da-da” over and over instead of counting sheep that night. They have said their sound derives from a blend of classic 70’s music with a modern indie twist but they have also said they are the Boston Pizza of music… so take that as you will (I mean I’ll take a fishbowl or two any day).  This group of friends has been putting out music since 2019 but have been playing together since their pre-teens. Their latest release, No Guff, has a song for everyone. Missing the ease of summer? "July Again". Stuck in a rut? "The Middle". I highly encourage you to give the album a listen because almost all of it will end up on your summer playlists. Trust me, once you hear "Settle Down" live, you will be mimicking the hook whether you want to or not. I could ramble about how much I love their sound till the dogs come home OR you can do yourself a favour and buy a ticket to a show near you.

I have gotten the pleasure of seeing Blu Beach Band play a few times, and I swear the crowd grows bigger and bigger with each show. But can you blame them?? Their energy on stage has never staggered, not even once. Personally, I think it’s quite easy to become a fan when you can blatantly see just how much they love playing on stage together. Oh, to make music with your best friends. What a rowdy moment to be a part of. Each member of the band had their own presence up there and not one of them tried to overshadow the other. I was in awe of the life they individually provided the venue. The crowd loved them all so much they begged for an encore, and then they begged them for another one; and like the generous souls they are, they stepped back on stage each time. 

Here’s my tip for when you attend a Blu Beach Band show: you better get up quick cause that dance floor fills up quicker.

If you didn’t catch Blu Beach Band on April 6th at the Capitol Music Club here in sunny Saskatoon you can catch them at the Blackrose Whiskey Club on May 4th. If this show was any indication, it will be a must see when they return to our beloved City of Bridges.


someone singing along to the soundtrack of our city. 

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This is the best show review I’ve ever read. Feels like I was there (I wasn’t… but I will be next time after reading this)

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