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Untimely Demise’s Maverick Metal Album of the Year

By Will Yannacoulias

Photos by Aaron Brown Photography

It’s all there; the operatic highs and guttural lows, chugging riffs and acrobatic, melodic solos, the pulsing driving rhythm section, and changes for days. Untimely Demise’s Maverick is an exemplar of classic thrash metal and was an easy choice for NSMZ’s Metal Album Of The Year. The band’s 5th LP, released November 3rd, features nine songs dating back to 2019 and sees founding members Matt Cuthbertson (Lead/Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), Murray Cuthbertson (Bass), and Bryan ‘Newbs’ Newbury (drums) joined by Into Eternity/Third Ion guitarist, Justin Bender,  who has long been a producer for the band.

“This album is a sonic culmination of all of the influences we have accrued over the last 2 decades of playing together” Untimely Demise told NSMZ. “We wanted to have lots of our signature thrash shred sound present in the songwriting but also incorporate traditional elements, as well as death metal and even some punk vibes.”

With the addition of Bender, Untimely Demise’s lineup includes three past and present members of iconic Regina prog-metal band Into Eternity. That connection is most apparent in the delightful lead guitar back-and-forth between Cuthbertson and Bender. “The band has never been more crushing live, or in the studio” they shared. “This is our tightest lineup ever, and our finest work yet. We took the time to get this one right!”

Untimely Demise held a release party for Maverick November 26th, bringing their fans together for a night of fist-pumping fun at Saskatoon’s Black Cat Tavern. The band was very pleased with their personal performances as well as the turnout and enthusiasm of the crowd. “The show was near capacity” the band shared. “It's always a pleasure to see boisterous moshing as you're up on stage, always encouraging to see that people still love attending live musical performances and socializing with like- minded music fans. We are very grateful for all of the support we receive in our home province and can't wait to bring you lots more metal in the near future!”

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