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Wasted Heretics "The Clock Stops" Review

Updated: May 31, 2023

by Mark Allard-Will

Heavy tidings to you, fellow music fans, 'tis I - NSMZ's resident Metalhead - Mark and I return with news of a new release from a band I covered over a year ago now, Saskatoon's Wasted Heretics.

A band whose particular sub-genre allotment could be described as Blackened Death Metal, they return with a powerful new single called "The Clock Stops", which dropped September 10th on all major streaming services.

What's it like? Well, to my mind it's the band's most polished recording to-date with a mix that stands among the leagues of their major label counterparts and the musicianship matches this with some of their finest technical proficiency so far; with long blast beat sections on the drums, a venture that marked Carly's final drum-tracking with the band before her departure. Then there's Michael's most well-rounded vocal performance I've heard yet, both perfectly biting in the higher end and brutally guttural in the lower end and therefore entirely reminiscent of the wide vocal range seen from the industry big guns in likes of bands such as After The Burial. The guitar syncopation between Reid and Ryan is top notch. Overall, this feels like a solid single for their October 7th release of the album, "Age Of Obliteration".

Age Of Obliteration cover art

Age Of Obliteration will be available for purchase soon on the band's Bandcamp.

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