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A’Court, Spiegel and Vinnick to bring International Roots 'n' Blues Kitchen Party to Rawlinson

Updated: May 13, 2023

by Scott Roos

photo by James Dean

This Thursday, April 13th, 3x JUNO Award nominee Suzie Vinnick, 5x East Coast Music Award winner Charlie A’Court, and 14x Australian Blues Award Winner Lloyd Spiegel will join forces at Prince Albert’s EA Rawlinson Centre for the Arts to perform their much heralded International Roots ‘n’ Blues Kitchen Party. The trio, ahead of a May album release simply entitled, A’Court, Spiegel and Vinnick are excited to be playing a series of Canadian dates together.

Hailing from Canada’s east coast, A’Court’s soulful voice and Clapton-esque guitar musings will definitely be a treat to Prince Albert music aficionados. Australia’s Spiegel adds the “international” flair with a folksy swagger. He’s been to Prince Albert before, pre COVID, and was a rare treat in and of himself. Saskatoon expat Vinnick’s soaring voice layered with equally capable guitar chops rounds out the trio. It’s a stacked lineup to be sure.

NSMZ had the chance to ask the group a few questions in advance of their Prince Albert tour stop.

What is each of them looking forward to the most when it comes to this tour?

A’Court: For me, growing up on the east coast meant kitchen parties were the way friends and strangers from different communities came together around the table to share the daily goings-on through music. There’s a certain spontaneity to that. So what excites me about this tour is we each live in roots and blues but until now have walked different paths. Bringing us together comes with love, comfort and respect for one another.

Spiegel: I’m looking forward to the three of us fusing our styles to create something new. There’s a great energy that comes from not knowing quite what’s going to happen and I really hope the audience feels like they’re on the ride with us.

Vinnick: I'm looking forward to performing for folks in places in Canada that I've never been to before and revisiting places I've been and seeing folks that I haven't seen in a few years. Also, Charlie and Lloyd are great musicians and people - it's going to be a lot of fun getting to know them and to share the stage with them both.

What do they feel they personally bring to the table musically with this group?

A’Court: I chalk up what we do as speaking different dialects of the same language so our show feels really musically conversational. I’ve artistically lived with one foot in roots & blues, and one foot in something adult-contemporary that I think weaves wonderfully between Suzie and Lloyd.

Spiegel: I’m a pretty hard driving guitarist and I tend to push the grooves a lot. I think what I bring is the beat behind it. I certainly hope so, anyway.

Vinnick: We are all strong and unique blues and roots music performers each on our own and I think together we're going to bring a special musical blend and energy to the stage.

Tickets for this one of a kind show can be purchased here:

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