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"A great host and crowd to kick things off" Justin LeBrash's Winter Warm Up Tour Begins

Updated: May 12, 2023

by Scott Roos

photos by Deanna Roos

*photos by Deanna Roos*

This past Thursday, January 12th, small town hospitality was on full display as Christopher Lake played host to Saskatchewan country music young gun Justin LaBrash and his band True North. Set in the bright and clean, seemingly recently renovated Broda Lounge on the second floor of the Gary Anderson Community Centre, the performance was a big hit for the modest crowd in attendance.

It was the inaugural show on LaBrash's "Winter Warm Up Tour" featuring Carter Kent (drums), Parker Nabis (bass) and Micah Walbaum (fiddle). Labrash joined in on acoustic and electric guitar. In general, the band was on point but evidently still working out some of the kinks as they cycled through two sets of music. LaBrash joked with the audience throughout and proved to be a very charming and capable performer as he worked through a series of songs that spanned his career. He's an amazing talent and truly one not to be missed if he comes through your town.

The Broda Lounge presented as a smallish venue that could maybe house about 100 people. It well maintained, and well suited for the concert series that host Larry Krause has envisioned. There was a bar with various ways to imbibe available and also treats - bring cash. But, overall, the ambiance impressed and the music was stellar. It's a great venue with hopefully a great future ahead of it. There are still seven shows left to explore in the Live @ Broda Lounge concert series. See poster below for details.

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