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A More Technical & Progressive Direction: Wasted Heretics Talk Up and Coming Release

Updated: May 31, 2023

By Mark Allard-Will

On February 23rd, Saskatoon Death Metallers Wasted Heretics posted the cover artwork for their upcoming 2021 EP release, Age of Obliteration, on their Facebook page. Mark caught up with Reid from Wasted Heretics to find out more about the EP.

Age of Obliteration cover artwork by Erskine Designs.

MARK: What can fans expect from Age of Obliteration?

REID: So far the songs have taken a much more technical & progressive direction. Compared to the debut album, we feel each song has a much more coherent structure.

M: What interesting challenges has the pandemic presented to recording, mixing and mastering the new EP?

R: We’re still in the recording process at the moment, but being as the recording/mixing/mastering is all done internally this hasn’t been much of a challenge so far. The biggest issue we’ve faced is getting members together to record safely, especially considering our drummer is located in Alberta. Almost all of the string sections are being recorded DI, rather than mic’ing so there’s very little actual studio time that will be required.

M: How big of a circle pit is too big?

R: 7


Age of Obliteration is set to drop some time in Fall of 2021, for now, however, Wasted Heretics' 2019 debut album, Beneath Buried Bones, can be found Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp.

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