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Artist’s Sidekick Awards: A Fluff Piece

Updated: May 12, 2023

By Andreea Moore

As the year comes to a close we often award those who achieved and stood out throughout the year. It's time that our sidekicks get the recognition that they deserve. What does that mean you ask, who is eligible to receive such acclaim and how is this decided? The sidekick award is to those that are non humans that accompany, inspire and bring companionship to many a saskatchewan artist.

There are a few fine feline sidekicks that stand out Ru and Thrasher.

Ru has been an absolute beauty and brains for Anna Haverstock as a vital part of assisting with quality control in merchandise such as helping promote shirts, hats and the like. Ru has even made the jump to be an essential part of Haverstock’s life and is often a supportive and loveable pal and a consistent fashion icon with a constant ready to impress black as midnight coat! Oh ya and Ru has even been immortalized into a tattoo that Haverstock proudly showcases!


Thrasher is a very brilliant and hard working guy, he is half the namesake of “June Thrasher '' the highly innovative synth project by Kaelen Klypak. Thrasher is always black tie ready as he's a tuxedo cat.. Thrasher is often photographed with numerous items of synth gear. Secretly it's believed that Thrasher is involved in the project in a creative aspect. Either way Thrasher sure looks quite content on a synthesizer as his genius aids to the project of his namesake by Klylak.


There are a few precious proud pups that stand out Sheri and Shiloh.

Those of you who have been following Megan Nash's Career would also be familiar with Shiloh the sweet and very photogenic guy who is often snuck in to Nash’s posters, videos and various other creative works. Yes that's right you can even hear Shiloh’s vocals on the podcast “Pep and Ched”. Shiloh has even appeared in the music video for “coffee” on SFF. also of Note Shiloh has also been immortalized into a tattoo!


Sheri is a lovable sweet girl who's absolutely the major motivator for Andreea The Narrative. Yes, nepotism is at play…. But seriously look at her! Sheri has been attending shows and sessions for Moore’s whole career. Little nugget has even been privileged to have private shows just for her! Sheri has also been present for writing sessions and has also been immortalized by the art of tattoo.


Seriously thank you for being a friend

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