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Black Cat Tavern To Host Memorial Show For P.A. Rapper Hawvee

By Will Yannacoulias

Photo courtesy Pro Revolution Productions

On October 10 2020, 32 year old Prince Albert hip hop artist Shawn “Hawvee” Daniels passed away unexpectedly. Hawvee was a well known performer in the Northern Saskatchewan music community and a key contributor to Pro-Revolution Productions, a Saskatoon based Hip Hop collective focused on promoting independant artists. Today Pro-Revolution announced that a memorial show for Hawvee will be held on December 10th at Saskatoon’s Black Cat Tavern. Pro-Revolution co-founder and close friend Kross Lepage spoke with NSMZ about the show and his friend’s legacy.

“The sudden loss of our friend, brother, son & father rocked all our lives“ LePage told NSMZ. “So on December 10th we are putting a showcase on for Hawvee. It’s what he would have wanted, a hip hop show, not a sad tribute but a good night of music. I’m hosting with Doctor Booty Quiver, and we’ll see performances from Skizza, Aboriginal Poet, Real Rizen, Dafine Music, Jay Velvet

Lo’ke, Jugless, Madd Profit, Lethal and Ikon. The whole team. Hawvee would have loved the show, not because it’s about him, but as a showcase of the music that he loved.”

For more information visit Pro-Revolution Productions and The Black Cat Tavern on Facebook.

Hawvee, LePage, Aboriginal Poet, Dafine Music, and Real RiZen

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