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Blue Prairie Songs: A Review of Jolie Blue's "Wayward Ways & Wheatfields" album

Updated: May 13, 2023

by Chris Vasseur

If you are ever driving down a gravel road somewhere between an Eyebrow and an Elbow (only SK peeps are gonna get that one) and come across a dusty little one street town with just a post office and a Coop….you may just be in the stomping grounds of Jolie Blue.

Blue is sorta like Saskatchewan's own slightly-more-comedic-and-a-bit-more-redneck Stompin’ Tom. Plus he sells fruit.

On his new release, Wayward Ways & Wheatfields, Blue takes us along for a ride in his unlicensed truck, giving us a glimpse into his down home personality; perhaps sharing an ill advised road beer along the drive.

Blue is that crazy fun farmer friend that us city slickers had but never quite understood. He comes across as a fun loving hippy, while his lyrics have a tongue in cheek love of all things blue collar.

The content on this record is very indicative of the things Blue holds close to his heart. Namely mullets, harvest, his truck and Fort MacMurray. If you love these things and some very clever redneck musings, I’d check out this record. The backing musicians are great and perfectly frame this oddball, rambling, prairie cowboy poet.

Blue admiring his fruit. He sells it. (photo by Deanna Roos Photography)

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