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Capitol 10th: A night with Close Talker featuring POSTDATA (May 3rd/2024)

Updated: May 8

by Dyanna Kampman

pics by Captured Beyond Today

On May 3rd at the Capitol Music Club, Close Talker took the stage with opener POSTDATA for a night full of nostalgia and wonder. I should’ve showed up sooner, it was so packed there wasn’t a seat left! It was the perfect night to pay homage to the grand opening of Capitol Music Club which had happened a decade prior on the dot. 

“The music delves deeper into introspective lyrics with some serious contemplation, with the sound ranging from ethereal to upbeat” – Melodie Briand on POSTDATA

POSTDATA brought a whole different energy to the stage than I expected. He was one man who had the presence of an entire band.  There’s a sense of wonder that’s brought to the place when you can execute a live performance like that. It goes to show you that you can be one person and still fill up the room with so much magic. I’ve been listening (more like reading) to his newest LP Run Wild, and the messages of rebirth and renewal are prominent. Being in that space with him felt like I was static amid a busy intersection. His sound and his lyrics kind of have this push and pull with each other. He writes about themes that encourage you to reflect, but aurally he creates this atmosphere to sway mindlessly… It's a beautiful way of portraying the way grace can exist alongside and throughout hardship. 

“I’ll never be forgiven in my own heart, of that I’m sure.” – Raven

Close Talker performed at the Capitol’s grand opening on May 3rd, 2014, and exactly a decade later took the stage again to end off their latest tour. Closer Talker came into fruition as a passion project for three friends back in 2012. Since then, Will, Matthew and Chris have put out multiple collections of work. 

Their most recent album The Sprawl reflects the years of 2013-2019 and the transformation that has happened within it. It’s crazy to think they probably thought about where they’d be as people and as a band on that stage in 2014, and I wonder if they are as proud of themselves as everybody else in that place was. The audience was respectful and supportive. As a community they flooded the stage and still made room for anyone looking to join. They listened. They sang along. They cheered. It warms my heart to see this city love their locals so much.  

“THE SECOND HALF WENT WILD!” – A random man I spoke to about his experience 

Closer Talker also had one of the most intriguing stage designs I’ve seen lately. It’s almost as if they had rays of sunlight carving the stage.  I often forget just how beneficial it can be to decorate the place, and how much it can aid a listener’s experience. I felt transported.

“Middle of nowhere, the sun is setting on us, shoulder to shoulder.” - Half Past Nine


Their sound was so unique. It felt like I was being pulled through the space-time continuum. Almost as though stars could’ve been falling all around me, and everyone just knew that’s what happens. Most of the night I just stopped and stared. Hypnotic? One might even say. Close Talker nearly puts you in a trance when they play. It’s cool to feel like I experienced the last decade with them all in one night.

Overall, I think it was an enchanted night full of odes to past selves and the people we’ll be in ten years’ time. Close Talker brought together people from all walks of life and helped us remember there is peace in the paths we choose. Because, maybe after all is said and done, we will dance under the disco ball once more and smile to ourselves over how far we’ve all come.


“Everything is just fine when we’re together” – The Change it Brings 

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