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Capitol 10th: Do you hear what they're saying? A Night with Shad featuring Moonbeams

by Dyanna Kampman

photos by Captured Beyond Today

On May 18th during Capitol Music Fest, we had three astonishing lyricists take the stage to share a glimpse of their minds. Moonbeams, a collaborative effort of our dearly loved ZHE the Free and Parab Poet, opened the souls of the crowd and prepared them for the transcendent Shad.

Moonbeams has been making waves in our community both on and off stage. I have had the chance to see these two extraordinary artists show up for their communities in so many ways. They are constantly bringing life, movement, and sound wherever their feet may find them. ZHE has a way of drawing your attention with her natural ability to bring light into every room, and Parab Poet always manages to get every member of the audience to be a part of every chorus. There is nothing quite like two beautiful humans joining forces to create a unique and intimate experience for everyone involved. A huge theme within their lives and their music is the importance of being heard; to hear others outside of your own reality and to be gentle. If you ever can conversate with either of these magnetic souls, you will leave it feeling new.

“There’s strength in the movement//we’ve got a reason for change” – Reason for Change

Shad has been a reoccurring artist within Saskatoon, coming all the way from Toronto to tell his stories of life and all the moments that have inspired his current perspective. I was talking to a friend, and he said, “He’s one of the most transcendent lyrists” and I’m happy to say that rung true. Shad brought a completely distinctive stage presence, one that I have yet to witness. Which is a cool feeling, it’s not often that I am thrown off by my own preconceived ideas… but I love when it happens. If you’ve ever met me, you’d know it is a rare occurrence for me to be in a rap scene. But I was blown away. The amount of love pouring from the crowd overflowing the Capitol was incredible. The way Shad can tell a story, and very quickly I may add, left my brain racing to catch up. And you know what? He never missed a beat.

I’ve reread a lot of his work for my own comprehension, and I was completely intrigued by his deliverance of thoughts we’ve all had cross our minds a time or two. The way he can connect so many aspects of understanding the world we exist in is mind-blowing (and it sounds cool as hell). He truly has intertwined his life into his artistry, and that to me is the most wondrous part. It always will be. Leaving an auditory journal behind for his children to listen to. To create a space for strangers to bond over similar experiences.

“Taught it’s just humans being human” – Peace/War

Capitol 10th Music Fest has been a wonder to be a part of and witness in so many little ways. The diversity of each artist taking the stage has given me so many new memories and perspectives on what it means to be a community. Showing up for artists that are already well loved to most and completely new to others. Shad has been coming back to Saskatoon for a multitude of years, and watching the audience stand in awe really solidifies why. Saskatoon adores him, and we cannot wait for his next visit to hear all about his world once again.


A brand-new fan!

“There’s no such thing as halfway crooks or half righteous.” – Rose Garden

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