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Capitol 10th: Chali 2na and DJ Shub Serve up the Beats

Article by Mikhaila Anderson, Photos by Melanie Macpherson

Chali 2na and DJ Shub brought the beats on Saturday May 4th for the 3rd show of the Capitol's 10th Anniversary.

The Capitol rolls through their 10 year anniversary with style, knowing how to give the people what they want with artists who do what they do best. The lineup this past Saturday was nothing short of that.

Calgary’s K-Riz appetized the crowd with his RnB style rhymes, paired with mellow beats provided by DJ Seroky. Floating around the stage with a demanding presence, engaging the shy, early crowd with tracks like “Middle Finger U”, K-Riz definitely needs to be on your radar. I always enjoy when album versions of songs are changed to get people involved. By the end of the set he had the crowd singing along in a call and response, setting the tone properly for what hip-hop is all about - bringing a community together.

K-Riz and DJ Seroky got the party started.

Not alone though, K-Riz invited RTC Profit along to spit a few of his own tracks. Start to finish, there was a flavour of what I imagine their hometown shows are like; your good friends are involved, and everyone is vibing. I’d love to see K-Riz with the full band behind him. Do yourself a favour and peep his socials for a taste of what that's like.

RTC Profit joined K-Riz proving everything is better with friends.

The crowd was now ready to give Chali 2na the love and the night was handed off to the main course. 2na brought us back to the early 2000’s quickly with his broad catalogue of work from solo hits like “Comin’ Thru” all the way through the Concrete Schoolyard of Jurassic 5’s “What’s Golden”. The amount of flow one needs to have to not miss a beat and move seamlessly from track to track for over 90 minutes is impressive and Chali 2na makes it look way too easy.

The crowd was all-in from beginning to end with Chali 2na and DJ Shub.

2na had fans eating right out of his StarKist can with “Hands High” showcasing some of his more recent works. However, nothing great is ever achieved alone; the vibe was held down firmly through the set with reggae-hop beats spun smoothly by DJ Shub. Bodies kept moving with flow, the room felt fed.

You could tell 2na and Shub are having a good time on this tour, and gave the crowd all of that energy. There is a symbiotic sense of gratefulness from fans and the artist alike knowing we all have been enjoying something together for so long.

It was clear that Chali 2na was having a great time and the audience loved every minute!

As we digested the delicacy of Chali 2na, Saskatoon's The Gaff gave partygoers an electronic set to dance the rest of the night away. Like the perfect dessert to a great meal, it kept the appetite alive. If you're someone who’s been searching for the vibe of a dope house party at the next show you attend - The Gaff is your guy.

All in all the entire night flowed as exactly that; a house party. Don't miss out on the rest of what the Capitol is offering up for their 10 year anniversary.

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