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Dillon Currie drops debut single "In My Town" from forthcoming full length

Updated: May 13, 2023

by Scott Roos

pics by Deanna Roos

Currie with League of Wolves at the Capitol in December of 2021 (pic by Contingent Colours Photography)

Call it a Vanilla Sky-esque “lucid dream” or some sort of sentimentally vague utopian weird nightmare… Whatever it is, Dillon Currie, with his latest solo single "In My Town", is certainly trying to communicate SOMETHING beyond the usual playful riff-rock anthems of his band League of Wolves. "In My Town" will serve as the first official release off of a forthcoming full length solo record.

As Currie explained to NSMZ in a recent telephone conversation, “(In My Town”) is a song about self reflection in a way. It's sort of a reminder that our perspectives, my own included, are not always as accurate or maybe as all encompassing as we may like to believe they are sometimes.”

The track is meant to draw attention to small town life. Having grown up in Maple Creek, Currie, with “In My Town”, is looking to underscore the reality of everyday struggles of small towns. The residents of these towns sometimes being blissfully unaware of the hardships that other residents, possibly even friends and neighbours, face.

“The message (of “In My Town”) is that, despite what we'd like to believe, we know now that (small towns) face as many issues as anywhere else. So the narrator (in the song) is kind of facing that dilemma of memory vs reality,” continues Currie.

Recorded at Skullcreek Studios under the guiding hand of League of Wolves bandmate Aspen Beveridge, Currie’s track is sonically aethereal. There’s a tragic undertone in the backing track evocative of something that maybe Damian Rice would have cranked out a few decades ago. But there’s also an element of “Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite” surrealism (minus the circuslike bombast, of course). If you cut through the ironic, folksy, alt-pop foliage, though, Currie’s smooth, silky voice is on full display to help you to arrive at the conclusion that maybe everything isn’t as beautiful as it seems. But at the same time maybe it is? It's all about perspective... It sort of just gracefully messes with your head, massaging your sensibilities, until you're not sure what to believe anymore.

At any rate, "In My Town" is a solid, cerebral as f*ck, opener to a full length that hopefully will continue to demonstrate this level of maturity throughout. The pandemic has given Currie time to think and dig deeper than ever before which, in turn, has enabled him to hone in on his craft as a songwriter.

“I'm excited to share the full length because it's almost becoming a concept album. It's really neat how these songs (on the coming full length) are all correlated,” Currie adds.

Currie and Beveridge rocking out in League of Wolves (pic by Contingent Colours Photography)

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