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Dirty Dozen: Andrew's Top Three of 2020

Updated: May 19, 2023

People Of The Sun Last Day of Summer

Last Day of Summer is the maiden voyage of Regina’s diverse 8-peice R&B/Hip Hop act, People of the Sun… and you need to grab a seat before it sets sail! This live recorded EP was spawned from the inspiration of Erik Mehlsen (Guitar, Producer, Label Founder) and mixed by Justin Bender. Energized and uplifting is the musical picture this conglomeration paints with their “one and done” live recording with a . People of the Sun bring a positive vibe to the music world with Last Day of Summer. There is no excuse not to get up and dance and love your neighbor with People of the Sun’s “Last Day of Summer” playing!

Standout Track: "The Lick"


The North Sound As The Stars Explode

As The Stars Explode is the second album from The North Sound. It is woven together with song after song of real life lyrics, catchy chord progressions, and rock solid musicianship as well as expertly mixed by Forrest Eaglespeaker and Jesse Weiman at Nolita Studios in Saskatoon. The North Sound is husband and wife power house duo, Eaglespeaker (Lead Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist) and Nevada Freistadt (composes and performs vocal harmonies). They have created a thought provoking and energized album that keeps the listener engaged from beginning to end. The variety of emotions and musical feels from these songs makes this album an easy listen while providing lyrics to reflect and celebrate life.

Standout Track: "Between the Ditches"


Wade Fehr Of Ghosts and Graveyards

Of Ghosts and Graveyards is a decidedly dark and eerie EP from Lily Plain, Saskatchewan’s singer/songwriter, Wade Fehr. It is a series of tales about vengeance, misfortune, headless ghosts, and unworldly phenomena delivered in a powerful blues style. What stands out is the creative use of instruments not typically connected with the genre. This unique blend of supernatural and blues will send shivers down your spine as you listen to Fehr’s unforgettable EP, Of Ghosts and Graveyards.

Standout Track: "Scarecrow"


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